MASON, Frederick William

Frederick William Mason
born 8 August 1868, New Zealand, reg. 1868/18368, son of Lydia Sarah Salmon and William Frederick Mason [they married in 1851], died 3 July 1933, Wellington, buried 5 July 1933 Karori Cemetery, Wellington section CH ENG2, plot 373L, married 31 February 1898 Napier Cathedral, reg. 1898/325, Evelyn Maud Dixon [or Eveline Maud Dixon], born 27 July 1871, reg. 1871/21322, daughter of Agnes Conney and William Dixon, died 9 January 1953, buried 13 January 1953 aged 80 years Karori Cemetery, wellington section CH ENG2, plot 373L
1. Rex Clive Mason born circa 1900, reg 1900/11299

Mason-Dixon,-On February 21st., at Napier Cathedral, F. W. Mason, son of W. F. Mason, Wellington to Eveline Maud, daughter of W. Dixon, Wellington.
Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXXIII, Issue 10848, 24 February 1898

Farley and Mason
John Farley and Frederick William Mason

Evening Post, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 81, 2 October 1889

Emerson Street, Napier
F. W. Mason and Co.

Daily Telegraph, Issue 5872, 2 July 1890

Auction Sales
Henry R. Lascelles will sell the photographic plant of F. W. Mason at 2 p.m. on Monday next, on the premises, Emerson street.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 6849, 30 August 1893

 Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXVIII, Issue 9464, 30 August 1893

Daily Telegraph, Issue 6872, 26 September 1893

dates not known

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Hastings Street, Napier
Elite Studio
from 1896 - about 1911

Mr F. W. Mason, who has lately taken over the Elite Studio, has effected considerable improvements to the premises with the double view of ensuring the comfort of patrons and of turning out the best possible work. The arrangements for lighting the studio are on the most approved plan, and as Mr Mason has also secured a complete set of scenery and other necessary accessories, patrons may rely upon receiving the best attention.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 7876, 30 September 1896

 Daily Telegraph, Issue 7879, 3 October 1896
 [this notice first appeared in the Daily Telegraph on 28 September 1896]

All interested in the development of the photographic art, and especially those desirous of seeing for themselves what results can be obtained by the most recent methods and appliance, would do well to visit Mr F. W. Mason's Elite Studio in Hastings street.

Mr Mason makes a specialty of portraiture, eschewing outside work altogether, and by thus devoting his entire attention to one branch of the business, has established a high reputation in that particular and important line.

His enlargements are in every way artistic, and in groups as well as individual portraits, he has succeeded in giving the utmost assisfaction [sic] to a very circle of patrons. His latest novelty is in the form of midget pictures, beautifully finished and very nicely mounted. These he can supply at a figure astonishingly low, and, as they possess every merit that a high-class and up-to-date photograph should have, they will no doubt find great and lasting favor with the public.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 9898, 22 October 1900

The Mayor of Napier received the following telegram from Wellington the other day: — "Could you kindly obtain for me a photograph of the late Lieut. Berry to be forwarded by request to Her Majesty the Queen. R. H. Owen, Major, Staff Officer. A photograph, an excellent likeness of the deceased officer, was at once obtained from Mr. F. W. Mason, and forwarded as desired.
Evening Post, Volume LX, Issue 115, 12 November 1900 

The latest improvement in photographic material is a new printing paper known as "Platona," specially prepared for portraiture. The results obtained by its use are excellent, the pictures being beautifully soft and clear. Some fine specimens may now be seen in the show cases at Mr P. W. Mason's Elite studio, Hastings street.
Daily Telegraph, Issue 9339, 13 September 1901

Hastings Standard, Volume I, Issue 170, 5 July 1911

 unknown woman by Elite Studio, Hastings Street, Napier
cabinet card, purchased June 2020

unknown women by Elite Studio, Hastings Street, Napier
cabinet card, purchased June 2020

 group of six men by Elite Studio, Hastings Street, Napier
cabinet card, purchased June 2020
man pictured here back row, left is the same pictured below - front row, right.

group of six men by Elite Studio, Hastings Street, Napier
cabinet card, purchased June 2020


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