Hawley & Cole

Hawley and Cole
Hastings Street

Alfred Sibthorpe Hawley and A. B. Cole

Elite Studio - 1893

Daily Telegraph, Issue 6650, 6 January 1893

Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXVIII, Issue 9253, 6 January 1893

  Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXVIII, Issue 9253, 6 January 1893

Napier, Waipawa. Waipukurau, &c, &c.
High-Class Photography.
Messrs Hawley and Cole,
Hastings-Street, Napier,
In apologising to their patrons for delay in completion of orders, incident to alteration of promises to meet full requirements of the business, beg to inform them that these are completed.

Every department is now in full swing with ample accommodation for every purpose. The studio, fitted with the finest apparatus, is in sole charge of Mr Hawley, whose experience in the first studios of Sydney. Melbourne, and Christchurch, is sufficient guarantee that justice will be done to every sitter.

The financial, finishing, and Despatch Department is ably conducted by Mr Cole and efficient assistants. For the department specially devoted to production of permanent bromide opals Messrs Hawley have secured the services of Mr Wardley, for many years chief operator to Col. Parke, K.C.B, V.C., and staff of the Northern School of Musketry, England, and more recently for upwards of five years chief landscape photographer to Messrs Wheeler and Son, Christchurch. All outdoor work, interiors, &c., will be executed by Mr Wardley.

Messrs Hawley and Cole would call attention to the unprecedented sale of their deposit tickets, which will shortly reach the abnormal number of one thousand! entitling the holder to twelve enamelled cabinet photos and one superb permanent opal portrait, 15 x 12, for the total sum of

(One pound) £1. (One pound)

Price of ticket, 2s 6d; balance, 17s 6d, may be paid at time of sitting, which may take place any day up to 30th June, 1893. Tickets should be purchased before end of January, Messrs Hawley and Cole will immediately open branch studios in Waipawa, Waipukurau, &c., thereby saving sitters the trouble and expense of coming to Napier to be photographed.

Landscapes, marine views, interiors, outdoor groups, &c.
Specimens at studio.
Hawley and Cole, Hastings-Street, Napier.

Hawke's Bay Herald, Volume XXVIII, Issue 9267, 23 January 1893, Page 3

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