POLLARD, Edwin Keilor

Edwin Keilor Pollard

born 1855 Camden Town, London, England
birth registered Dec 1855 as Edwin Kelah Pollard at St Pancras 1b 143
died 7 January 1905 at his residence Cambria Street, Nelson aged 49 years (1)
registered 1905/1533
buried Wakapuaka Cemetery, Nelson plot 078 block 06 (2)

The Argus, Melbourne, 9 November 1877 page 1
previously - E. Pollard & Co., of Lygon Street, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria (not confirmed).
previously - Phillips and Pollard

Notice is hereby given that the partnership hitherto existing between Samuel Phillips and Edwin Pollard, Photographers, carrying on business in the City of Wellington, under the name or style of "Phillips and Pollard," has this day been dissolved by mutual consent. The business will be carried on by the said Samuel Phillips, to whom all moneys due to the late firm are to be paid, and will discharge all liabilities of the said firm. Dated at Wellington this 8th day of September, 1883.
Samuel Phillips.
Edwin Pollard.
Witness to signatures — J. A. N. Salmon, Clerk to Messrs. Chapman & FitzGerald, Solicitors, Wellington.

Phillips (late Phillips & Pollard) will re-open the Photographic Gallery, Cuba street, on Monday, 10th September.
Evening Post, Volume XXVI, Issue 60, 8 September 1883, Page 3

Evening Post, Volume XXXII, Issue 118, 2 October 1886, Page 2

Evening Post, Volume XXXIII, Issue 39, 16 February 1887, Page 3

Evening Post, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 40, 15 August 1889, Page 3

The death is announced today of Mr Edwin Pollard, who for over 12 years had been in the employ of Mr W. Tyree, latterly as an operator. Mr Pollard had been ailing for some time past, and took to his bed about three weeks ago. He rendered great assistance a month or so ago in a boat accident in the harbour, when but for his help there would probably have been loss of life and on that occasion he sustained a shock which is believed to have hastened his end.
Nelson Evening Mail, Volume XL, Issue 4, 9 January 1905, Page 2

The death is announced of Mr Edwin Pollard, who for the past thirteen years has been engaged at Tyree's Studio. Deceased was born at Campden (Camden) Town, England, in 1856, and when a lad came to the Colonies settling in Melbourne, where he resided twenty years. He then lived in Wellington for ten years, and came to Nelson in 1891. Deceased was an uncle of Mrs Tom Pollard, of the well-known Opera Company.
Colonist, Volume XLVII, Issue 11227, 10 January 1905, Page 2

Mr. Edwin Pollard, who was at one time a prominent yachtsman in Wellington, died last Saturday at Nelson, where he had resided since 1891. The deceased, who was uncle of Mrs. Tom Pollard, of Pollard's Opera Company, was in business as a photographer in Courtenay place for some years.
Evening Post, Volume LXIX, Issue 8, 11 January 1905, Page 6

In our obituary notice of the late Mr Edwin Pollard, appearing on the 9th inst., his valuable help a month or so ago in a boating accident at the Boulder Bank was referred to, and it was stated that he then sustained a shock which was believed to have hastened his end. The relatives of the deceased citizen desire us to say that though Mr Pollard had a cold after the immersion he received, he suffered no inconvenience, and that his death can in no way be associated with, the accident in question. This correction is made in order that the rescued boating party may not feel at all responsible in the matter.
Nelson Evening Mail, Volume XL, Issue 13, 17 January 1905, Page 2


(1) Nelson Evening Mail, Volume XL, Issue 4, 9 January 1905, Page 2
(2) Nelson City Council Cemeteries Database - Record No: WKOG06078

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Richard L Pollard said...

Thank you for this fascinating insight to the life and untimely death of E K Pollard.

This information is greatly appreciated as Edwin Keilor was my great-grandfather.