Grand & Dunlop

Grand & Dunlop
William John Grand and John Dunlop

James Elsbee and Daniel Mundy's negatives were acquired by William John Grand.
succeed in 1887 by William Sherlock

 The studio of Grand and Dunlop was located in the large building on the right of this photograph.
 Across Chester Street East to the left is the Oxford Hotel.
(thanks to Canterbury Heritage for this photograph)

Press, Volume XVII, Issue 2344, 29 October 1870, Page 3

Alpine Scenery. — Messrs Grand and Dunlop, Colombo street, have recently returned to Christchurch after spending three weeks among tho Southern Alps, photographing tho more attractive bits of scenery among the gorges of the rivers, the hills and glaciers. In all, about thirty pictures of the ordinary kind wore taken, besides a number, of stereoscopic views, and as fine weather was experienced, tho photographs, in almost every case, are exceedingly fine. They are all of large size, and the varied features of the Alps are brought out, with a distinctness which could scarcely be excelled. A number of the views have been printed off, and will shortly be ready for inspection. While on the subject it should be said that Mr T, S. Cousins, who formed one of the party, made a large number of sketches for water-colour drawings. 
The Star, Issue 2178, 5 March 1875, Page 2

Messrs Grand and Dunlop, Colombo-street, have recently returned to Christchurch after spending three weeks among the Southern Alps, photographing. Mr S. S. Cousins, who formed one of the party, made a large number of sketches for water-colour drawings.
West Coast Times, Issue 2950, 10 March 1875, Page 2

  Press, Volume XXIV, Issue 3082, 9 July 1875, Page 4


 Normal School — A splendid photograph of this building has been taken by Messrs Grand and Dunlop. The sharpness of the outlines and general clearness of the photograph, down to the minutest detail, are exceptionally good. 

Star, Issue 2360, 12 October 1875, Page 2

Fine Arts. — Messrs Grand and Dunlop, who have just returned from a photographic tour, are preparing for publication a series of twelve views of the Otira Gorge. The pictures, which measure l0in x 8in, are being placed on Indian mounts, and will form a valuable addition to the portfolio. Upon the whole, the views have been well chosen, and in point of execution they leave little to be desired. So far as can ever be effected by photographs, the grandeur of the scenery is faithfully represented, and the artists have wisely adopted the plan of introducing occasional figures, so that some idea of scale may be afforded. A few of the series are worthy of special mention, and this is particularly the case with one looking down the Gorge. It is artistically chosen, with fine effects of light and shade, and with the immense distance clearly expressed. The pictures are being printed in the beautiful and deservedly popular Sepia tint, and it may safely be predicted that they will be largely circulated. 

Star, Issue 2813, 9 April 1877, Page 2

In 1877 photographs were stolen from Grand and Dunlop's waiting room in Chester Street. 

Star, Issue 2867, 11 June 1877, Page 2

Star, Issue 2980, 20 October 1877, Page 2
Grand and Dunlop raised £29 15s for the Indian Famine Relief Fund.

Monumental Marble.— Mr J. Butterfield, of Cambridge terrace, has recently imported a large quantity of the white Italian marble. Many of the slabs are six feet long by two and a half feet broad, with an average thickness of six inches, and in all the specimens the marble is of a very fine quality. This is at once apparent on examining some of the slabs which have been worked and polished, the characteristic blueish grey veining having a beautiful effect. The consignment was received direct from Italy, and probably includes the best examples of this kind of marble ever seen in Christchurch. An excellent photograph of a large group of the finished monumental slabs has been obtained by Messrs Grand and Dunlop.
Star, Issue 3108, 21 March 1878, Page 2


Press, Volume XXIX, Issue 3954, 27 March 1878, Page 3

 Star, Issue 5987, 23 July 1887, Page 2

 Thomas Gordon - taken January 1876

Hakopa Te Ata o Tu
died 6 September 1883 
(incorrectly identified here as Meti Kingi)
by Grand and Dunlop, Crystal Palace Building, Christchurch
from an original photograph by Daniel Louis Mundy

Jane Faull

above and below - two cartes de visite of the same man.








above and above - duplicates of the same photograph


A cabinet card by Grand & Dunlop showing Thomas Gudsell and Sarah Gudsell nee Franks.

Joseph Robb
born circa 1844, died 23 November 1908 at his residence Mill Road, Cust, Canterbury, New Zealand
Photographed by Grand and Dunlop, Christchurch

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