Harry Coxhead

born circa 1847 - 1849 London, England
son of
Mercy (c. 1823 - 7 August 1892) and Frederick Coxhead (c.1820-13 September 1868) arrived Port Chalmers with his parents and family
on the Palmyra from London
on 19 February 1858,
(F. Coxhead, wife and six children.)

died 3 May 1885 at his residence, Bank Street, Timaru aged 38 years.

18 October 1876 Invercargill
by the Rev. W. J. Dean

Mary Higgins
 she married secondly about 1890
Ebenezer Smith

Southland Times, Issue 2570, 19 October 1876, Page 2
Timaru Herald, Volume XLI, Issue 3307, 4 May 1885, Page 2

1. Bertha Ada Coxhead born 28 November 1877 at Grey Road, Timaru, reg. 1877/8691

2. Charles Harry Coxhead born 27 November 1878 at Timaru, reg. 1878/9705, died 2 February 1879 at Timaru aged 10 weeks, buried Timaru Cemetery 3 February 1878.

3. Amy Frances Coxhead born 7 December 1879 at Timaru, reg. 1880/18753, died February 1880 aged 2 months, buried Timaru Cemetery 7 February 1880

4. Cecil Edwin Coxhead born circa 1881 reg. 1881/13504, died 9 January 1882 at Theodosia Street, Timaru aged 8 weeks and 3 days, buried Timaru Cemetery 10 January 1881.

5. Gertrude Ruby Coxhead born circa 1883 reg. 1883/4420, died about 1954, NSW Australia, unmarried.

issue of Mary and Ebenezer Smith1. Adele Winnifred Smith born circa 1892, reg. 1892/16874

Harry Coxhead - photographer Dunedin

succeeded Joseph Weaver Allen about 1871

Otago Daily Times, Issue 2858, 5 April 1871, Page 1

An act which has the appearance of being a deliberate attempt at fire raising, was discovered on Saturday morning. Mr Coxhead, photographer, Moray Place, on coming to his place of business there that morning, found that somebody had got in by the back door, which was not locked, and on getting into the room in which he kept his negatives, had destroyed a quantity of them. Mr Coxhead's suspicions were aroused on seeing this, and further examination of the premises disclosed the fact that a fire had been kindled in a recess under the stairs, with sticks collected in the house. The door to the recess being afterwards closed would prevent the flames being seen from without. Though it burned a small hole in the floor, and another in the partition, the fire seems to have died for want of air. The property was not insured. The police are. making enquiries in the matter.
Otago Witness, Issue 1026, 29 July 1871, Page 14

Incendiarism at Dunedin. A case which bears the strongest impress of an attempt at fireraising was brought to light on tho 22nd ultimo. Mr. H. Coxhead, photographer, Moray place, on reaching his place of business, discovered that a quantity of negatives had been ruthlessly broken. His suspicions being aroused, a search was instituted, and this led to the discovery that a portion of the flooring underneath the staircase and a portion of the staircase itself had been burnt away. It must be stated that Mr. Coxhead's premises consist of two large rooms, and that on the passage between them there was a cupboard right underneath the stairs. In this cupboard, it would appear, a fire had been lighted adjacent to the edge of the stairs, and the cupboard had been afterwards closed so as to prevent the flame being observed from the street. To this act of caution on the part of the would-be incendiary, the failure of the attempt must be ascribed for the want of air and the density of the smoke appear to have put out the fire before it made much progress. As we have already stated, a portion of the flooring and staircase have been burnt. By the remains of the fire, we believe that Mr. Coxhead is enabled to state that whoever committed the act must have gone to considerable trouble for pieces of wood were taken from an adjoining room. The police are investigating the matter.
Nelson Examiner and New Zealand Chronicle, Volume XXX, Issue 36, 2 September 1871, Page 13

Mr. H. Coxhead, photographer, from Dunedin, is at present on a visit to Balclutha. We have no doubt that one standing so high in the profession, will meet with such a good reward as will induce him to take up his permanent abode in the district.
Bruce Herald, Volume VI, Issue 393, 15 November 1871, Page 5

above cdv courtesy of The Laurence Eagle Collection

INQUEST. An inquest was held at Mr Gallagher's Shamrock Hotel, Naseby, on the 5th inst., regarding a fire which occurred in Leven street, in that town, on the previous day, and by which furniture, clothing, stock-intrade, and building, the property of Mr Walter Inder, valued at £145, and insured for £300, and £100 sterling, the property of Mr Robert Keenan and Coxhead Bros., and not insured, were destroyed. It appeared that at about 1.20 p.m., Mr Harry Coxhead, photographer, who rented the shop, locked the door and left the premises, in order to go to dinner at the Empire Hotel, opposite. At the time of his leaving, every thing appeared to be safe. A woman named Snell passing up the street shortly afterwards, stopped to look at the photographs in the window, when she observed that a partition was on fire, and immediately raised an alarm. It appeared that a man named Helkessel was having a conversation with Coxhead shortly before his leaving for dinner. Helkessel struck a match to light his pipe, and was seen to throw the match on the floor, but he swore at the enquiry that he extinguished it by putting his foot on it. The verdict was, "There is no evidence to show how the fire took place."

Otago Witness, Issue 1094, 16 November 1872, Page 11

Otago Daily Times, Issue 3168, 2 April 1872, Page 1

We were shown yesterday, by Mr Coxhead, photographer, of Princes street, some well-photographed and excellently-grouped portraits of the clever De Castro family of acrobats and gymnasts now performing at the Princess Theatre. A little boy, younger than any of the children who have already appeared before the public, is included in the group.
Otago Daily Times, Issue 3934, 25 September 1874, Page 2

Clutha Leader, Issue 29, 28 January 1875, Page 4
this notice continued in the Clutha Leader until 2 December 1875

Harry Coxhead 
photographer Timaru

Southland Times, Issue 2726, 28 March 1877, Page 3

Timaru Herald, Volume XXVII, Issue 1925, 1 January 1878, Page 9

Timaru Herald, Volume XXXII, Issue 1728, 6 April 1880, Page 4

Timaru Herald, Volume XXXII, Issue 1736, 15 April 1880, Page 3

Photography - We have received a first class specimen of the photographic art from the hands of Mr Coxhead of this town. It is a photograph of three horses with their riders, which took a prominent part in the late steeplechase meeting.
Timaru Herald, Volume XXXII, Issue 1795, 23 June 1880, Page 2

In August 1881 his photographic studio situated above Mr Moses' Cash Palace on the Main South Road nearly opposite the Land Office suffered smoke damage from a fire below in Moses' premises.
Timaru Herald, Volume XXXV, Issue 2145, 8 August 1881, Page 2

Timaru Herald, Volume XXXV, Issue 2166, 1 September 1881, Page 2

Fire. About a quarter past three o'clock yesterday morning the fire-bell rang out an alarm that, from the vigorous manner of its ringing, led people to believe that a serious conflagration was impending. Notwithstanding the rain, a large crowd soon mustered at the Brigade Station anxious to ascertain where the fire was. It has transpired that the constable on beat noticed smoke issuing from the rear of the premises in George street occupied by Mr Coxhead, photographer, and part of the building on Messrs Quinns' section. He immediately gave the alarm, and after having done this he tried both the back and front doors of the premises and found them securely fastened. The back door, which was found to have been bolted from the inside, was burst open by the police, who, with Mr Meikle, were the first to enter, and the fire was seen to be confined to the chemical room, a space nineteen feet by five, and eight feet high, which had been divided off from the rest by a partition of half-inch match lining.

In this room was stored a quantity of chemicals said to be of a combustible nature. Mr Coxhead left the premises at about a quarter to ten the previous night, after having fastened the back door of tho room, inside, and he locked the front door and left the key at Mr Herman's hairdresser's shop on his way home. This he has been in the habit of doing since a fire occurred in the adjoining shop, Messrs Wood and Smith's, some little time since.

Mr Tibbins, manager of this latter firm, left the premises about half past ten, first bolting the door of the back premises, which communicated with both shops, on the inside, securely. The origin of the fire it at present a mystery, and Mr Coxhead is a considerable loser by it. He was originally insured for £150, but he added another £100 to his security, after the fire in Wood and Smith's. The agent of the insurance company concerned, the New Zealand, has we learn, satisfied himself that there are goods of sufficient value on the premises to fully cover the sum for which Mr Coxhead is insured.
Timaru Herald, Volume XXXVI, Issue 2302, 6 February 1882, Page 2

Timaru Herald, Volume XXXVI, Issue 2337, 18 March 1882, Page 1
this notice continued until 24 April 1882, Page 1

The Breakwater.— Mr Coxhead is at present engaged in taking photographs of the Timaru Breakwater and harbor, to be sent to the Christchurch International Exhibition. As the port is just now well filled with vessels, it is to be hoped the views obtained by him will be good ones.
Timaru Herald, Volume XXXVI, Issue 2346, 29 March 1882, Page 2

After three attempts to burn down a block of old buildings opposite the Club Hotel in George Street the fourth attempt was successful. Early on Sunday morning 20 August 1882 Coxhead's studio was entirely destroyed.
Timaru Herald, Volume XXXVII, Issue 2469, 21 August 1882, Page 3

Timaru Herald, Volume XXXVII, Issue 2523, 23 October 1882, Page 3
In October 1882 Coxhead purchased from T. R. Jones a tobacconists and fancy goods dealer's business.
Timaru Herald, Volume XLII, Issue 3405, 26 August 1885, Page 4

He died at his residence, Bank Street, Timaru on 3 May 1885 aged 38 years.

All claims against the late H. Coxhead, tobacconist, must be sent to the undersigned by the 20th instant.
J. Melton, Executor.

 Timaru Herald, Volume XLI, Issue 3339, 10 June 1885, Page 1


1. Saturday before 29 July 1871. Moray Place, Dunedin. Harry Coxhead arrived at work to discover someone had entered via an unlocked back door and destroyed a quantity of negatives. On further examination it was found that a fire had been kindled in a cupboard under the stairs but had gone out. The property was not insured.

2. 4 November 1872. Rented shop in Leven Street, Naseby. Harry Coxhead left the premises at about 1.20pm to go to dinner at the Empire Hotel, opposite. A women who stopped to look a photographs in the window observed that a partition inside the shop was on fire.

3. 5 February 1882. George Street, Timaru. Alarm rasied at 3am by Police constable noticed smoke coming from the rear of the premises. Cockhead had left at 9.45pm the previous night.

Coxhead's studio was located in a block of old buildings belonging to Messrs Quinn Bros. opposite the Club Hotel in George Street, the block was destroyed by fire on 20 August 1882, his was the fourth attempt in a few months to destroy the block.

4. 1st attempt on the block in George Street - started in Wood and Smith's premises.

5. 2nd attempt - In Coxhead's - fire arrested before great damage was done.

6. 3rd attempt - failed completely three weeks prior to 20 August.

7. 20 August 1882. Coxhead's Studio in George Street, entirely destroyed.

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