MUIR, Thomas Mintaro Bailey

Thomas Mintaro Bailey Muir
[also see Muir and Moodie]

Photography - A gentleman who was at one time a resident of this town has, after a lapse of some 14 years, returned and cast in his lot with the people of Invercargill "for good." We refer to Mr Thomas Muir, who at the period referred to was in charge of the telegraph department here, before the amalgamation of that branch of the public service with the Postal Department.

Mr Muir is in a different business, however, now, having during his long absence pursued the art of the photographer, and been for a number of years a partner in the well known firm of Burton Brothers, Dunedin. Mr Muir has succeeded Mr Coxhead, who has left the colony for California, and proofs of his — Mr Muir's— proficiency with the camera and plates may be inspected in the show cases in the premises, Esk street. A number of excellent pictures can be seen — without the trouble of going upstairs even, in the entrance to the studio, and for several days these have attracted the notice of passers. They are the work of the new proprietor, and bear out his reputation for grouping and posing. The lighting is also very soft and varied, some bold Rembrandtesque effects being conspicuous.
Southland Times, Issue 12654, 25 July 1893, Page 2


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