Rutherford & Co.

Rutherford and Co.

  from about December 1880 to September 1890
 succeeded 1 September 1890 by Frederick Mintaro Bailey Muir

Robert William Rutherford born 1858 Glasgow, Scotland, son of Robert Rutherford [accountant] and Helen M. Marshall, arrived Otago, New Zealand on the "Vectis" 30 June 1864,  died 5 July 1921 at his residence "Hazelhurst," Caversham, Dunedin.

Otago Witness, Issue 1517, 11 December 1880

Evening Star, Issue 8319, 11 September 1890

After an illness which lasted quite a year Mr Robert William Rutherford, of Caversham, died yesterday at his residence, Hazelhurst. He was one of the most widely-known men in Caversham, and respected very highly by the community. He was born at Glasgow in 1858, the son of Mr Robert Rutherford (the first mayor of Caversham), and came out to Otago with his parents in 1864. After passing through the High School he learned the photographic business; but it did not suit his-health, and he went into partnership with his father in wax vesta making at the factory in Caversham. This concern was afterwards turned into a company, and Mr R. W. Rutherford became manager, a position he held until his health failed.

He was elected to the Caversham Borough Council in 1898, and for a long time served as chairman of its Finance Committee. At the time of the amalgamation with the city he was one of those that passed into the City Council, and he sat on it for about four years.

Subsequently he took a position as one of the associated members of the Library Committee. Mr Rutherford was also a justice of the peace. He served the public very faithfully in many ways. His wife, who was a daughter of the late Mr W. Baskett, has two or three daughters and one son to share her affliction. The son is Mr Robert Malcolm Rutherford, solicitor, of Milton, a well-known cricketer until recently.
Evening Star, Issue 17706, 6 July 1921

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