HAIGH, Rudolph

Hokitika and later Timaru

Rudolph Haigh
also known as
Rasmus Høeg or Rudolph Huège de Serville
Born 19 October 1821, Trondheim, Norway the son of Tønnes Andreas Høeg.Died 20 September 1901 at Rioca, Regent Street, Elsternwick, Victoria, Australia.Buried in an unmarked plot in Brighton Cemetery.

1stly October 1850, St Michael’s Lutheran Church, Hamburg to Caroline Rohde, the illegitimate daughter of Catharina Rohde.His first wife died in 1856 in Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia.He married 2ndly in 1866 at Havelock Street, Fiery Creek, Victoria, Australia to Grace Doherty

Arrived Melbourne, Australia on 24 August 1853 on the “Wilhelmsburg”Departed Melbourne on 6 May 1867 on the “s.s. Otago” 457 tons. (The Argus 7 May 1867 page 4)Arrived Hokitika, New Zealand on the “s.s. Otago” May 1867. (the ship arrived in Nelson via Hokitika on 13 May)Departed Timaru 26 February 1889 on the "s.s. Mahinapua"Arrived Port Chalmers 27 February 1889 on the "s.s. Mahinapua"

Departed Port Chalmers on 28 February 1889 on the "s.s. Manapouri" (steerage passenger) for Melbourne.Arrived Melbourne 7 March 1889 on the"s.s. Manapouri"
(thanks to Paul de Serville for the above information)

Studios:before 27 July 1868 - commences business at North Revell Street, Hokitika

before 25 August 1868 - moves to premises known as the London Portrait Room previously occupied by J. Perkins and Co.
October 1878 - succeeded in Hokitika by Tait Bros.
October 1878 - begins partnership at Great South Road, Timaru with T. E. Price as Haigh and Price.
February 1887 - Adolf G. Fischer takes over the Timaru studio.The studio of Mr Rudolph Haigh, photographic artist, is well worth a visit. Mr Haigh has removed into premises in Revell street, formerly occupied by Messrs Perkins and Co., and which are replete with every convenience for the prosecution of the photographic art. But it is not in the mere mechanical part of the art that Mr Haigh's excellence appears, it is in catching a happy expression of countenance in securing case of position, and the natural grouping of his models, combined with his exquisite coloring, that the artist is shown, and in possessing these we can assert that Mr Haigh need fear but few rivals. His portraits are not mere lifeless resemblances but life-like pictures, and the colouring of the smaller ones gives them the appearance of finished miniatures.

West Coast Times, Issue 914, 27 August 1868, Page 2

A short time since we had the pleasure of visiting the studio of Mr Rudolph Haigh, photographic artist, North Revell street. Photography in the hands of men who, in addition to possessing the requisite skill so to manipulate as to secure a correct representation of their models, are artists that is men who understand when to catch tho most pleasing and natural expression of the countenances of their models, or when a number of figures are to be taken to place them so as to produce an agreeable group becomes a most pleasing science. An artist is required to effect this, and it is attention to this which enables Mr Haigh to produce such charming pictures.
West Coast Times, Issue 888, 28 July 1868, Page 2

West Coast Times, Issue 912, 25 August 1868, Page 3

In August 1868 the West Coast Times announced that Rudolph Haigh had "removed" to the premises in Revell Street, Hokitika of the London Portrait Rooms formerly occupied by J. Perkins & Co. Haigh operated the business under the name Rudolph Haigh & Co. in partnership with William Herbert Perkins until August 1869 when the partnership was dissolved by mutual consent. In July 1869 his house was one of 20 burned or pulled down during a fire in Revell Street. (Timaru Herald, Volume XI, Issue 433, 21 July 1869, Page 3)

above: a carte de visite by Rudolph Haigh of an un-named family taken at his Hokitika studio.

above: a carte de visite by Rudolph Haigh of an un-named lady taken at his Hokitika studio.

We yesterday visited the studio of Messr Rudolph Haigh and Co., photographic artists, Revell-street, and inspected a number of views and family groups, which have been executed in that establishment. Amongst the views is one of the West Coast Times Office, in Weld-street, and which is a very beautiful sun-picture. It is, however, in posing his living subjects that Mr Haigh excels, and the artistic groups which he produces are admirably happy, not only as regards position, but also as to expression of countenance.

West Coast Times, Issue 1012, 19 December 1868, Page 2

The photographic art is practised with great excellence in Hokitika, as may be seen on visiting the studios of Messrs Tait Bros and Messrs Rudolph, Haigh, and Co. In the former there are portraits of great beauty and faithfulness, taken by the zenuotype process which resembles an ex-minature on ivory, and several remarkably well-executed views of Westland and Australian scenery.

In the latter the groups of figures are artistically posed, and the coloring is true to nature. There are also several striking photographs of local scenery.

West Coast Times, Issue 1017, 25 December 1868, Page 2

12 June 1871, Albert Haigh the infant son of Rudolph Haigh died.

West Coast Times, Issue 1779, 13 June 1871, Page 2

The Hokitika Exhibition
1872 - 1873
At a concert on the closing night of the Hokitika Exhibition 1872-73, Haigh sang the chorus of the song "Softly she faded" with two others.
West Coast Times, Issue 2274, 13 January 1873, Page 2

The Hokitika Exhibition
At the second Hokitika Exhibition in 1873 - 1874 Mr Rudolph Haigh received a silver medal for a collection of photographs. He exhibited what was described as a handsome case of photographs.

The reverse of Rudolph Haigh's Timaru cabinet cards and carte de visites showed a representation of the medal he won in the Hokitika Exhibition 1873-74. The Nelson photographer W. E. Brown also advertised the reverse of his carte de visites that has received an Honorable Mention for Portraits at this exhibition.

The translation of the Latin phrase "Detur Digniori" is "Let it be given to the more worthy."
In July 2001 Noble Numismatics Pty Ltd, Sydney and Melbourne sold a 1873 silver Hokitika Exhibition medal for $A190. Lot 575 HOKITIKA EXHIBITION 1873 IN SILVER (38MM) BY STOKES & MARTIN (MOREL 1873/1) EDGE INSCRIBED 'MILLSON & CO ROSS. For Rolled Beef'. Brooch mounted otherwise extremely fine.

The silver 1873-74 Hokitika Exhibition Medal
photo courtesy of Noble Numismatics

His daughter Miss Kate Haigh received a special gift of a work box for the best hemmed pocket handkerchief by girls under 15 years. His son Master R. Haigh, junior received a prize of one guinea given by Mrs. W. Smith for the best pencil sketch, by boys under 15 years.
West Coast Times, Issue 2579, 29 December 1873, Page 2 and Issue 2609, 3 February 1874, Page 5 and 6.

A review in the West Coast Times of a concert at the Hokitika Town Hall in September 1874 stated: "It is needless to say that the songs given by Mr and Miss Haigh, and also those by Mr Greenwood displayed a thorough knowledge of music and a perfect acquaintance with the classical authors from whom the selections were taken."

West Coast Times, Issue 2795, 9 September 1874, Page 2


We are informed that Mr Rudolph Haigh, photographer, has presented to the Hokitika Museum, a crayon photograph of Mr G. O. Preshaw, as a memento of the prominent position that gentleman held in connection with the institution. Such a gift to the Museum is certainly a most appropriate one.

It will record the interest Mr Preshaw took in the institution, and, although an individual donation, its exhibition in the Museum will be the medium of expressing the general appreciation of Mr Preshaw's efforts to promote it, and the objects which it is meant to serve.

It should be mentioned that Mr Haigh has not merely presented a photograph, but an excellent likeness of Mr Preshaw, and in short, a picture worthy of the walls of the institution, properly fixed and chastely framed.

The Museum Committee will, no doubt, make full and favorable record of Mr Haigh's considerate gift, and the portrait will soon appear in appropriate position as a contribution to the contents of the Museum and to the memorials of its promoters.

West Coast Times, Issue 2842, 3 November 1874, Page 2


At the opening of the new Wesleyan Church Rudolph Haigh led the Wesleyan choir. Miss Haigh sung very sweetly "I heard an Angel sing." Haigh and his daughter sung a "pretty duet" called "Sol Fa" with taste and precision, were encored, and repeated a portion of it. Later Haigh sang "In Vain O Banish", and in a trio with his daughter and Mr Morshead they sang "Sweet is the Breath of Morning." Rudolph Haigh and Miss Haigh were included in a vote of thanks for their valuable assistance.
West Coast Times, Issue 2885, 23 December 1874, Page 2

above - a notice by Rudolph Haigh giving his recommendation for the pianoforte teacher Gabriel Richter. This notice was first published on 8 August and continued until 13 September 1876.
West Coast Times, Issue 2299, 10 August 1876, Page 3


In commemoration of the recent Masonic gathering in Wellington, and the installation of Sir Donald M'Lean by our respected townsman, Mr John Lazar, many of the valued friends of the latter, resident in the North Island, have specially requested that they might be favored with a cabinet portrait in full Masonic regalia, as a souvenir of his visit amongst them, and as a compliment in admiration of his Masonic zeal, which request he has acceded to.

The Pacific Lodge of Hokitika, the oldest Lodge of Freemasons on the West Coast, on Friday evening last likewise resolved to commemorate the occasion by presenting each of their members, (numbering over eighty) with a portrait of their venerable Grand Master, who has for so many years presided over them, and whose devotion to the welfare of the craft during half a lifetime has become, proverbial throughout the colonies. The photograph is from the studio of Mr R. Haigh, of Revell street, and is a splendid specimen of art.

West Coast Times, Issue 2323, 7 September 1876, Page 2

At the installation meeting of the Pacific Lodge of Freemasons yesterday, a very handsome presentation was made to the Lodge by Mr Haigh, photographer. It consisted of a life-size crayon portrait of Mr John Lazar, D.G.M. of Westland. Mr Bevan, on behalf of Mr Haigh, handed over the gift to the fraternity.

There were present about forty members of the order, including several officers of the Grand Lodge, the masters and officers of the Totara Lodge, and the Lazar Lodge of Kumara. The presentation called forth terms of the highest praise to the artist who executed and presented the work, and the veteran brother whose likeness was portrayed on the wall if the lodge room expressed himself with much feeling in appreciation of the compliment paid him.

West Coast Times, Issue 2773, 20 February 1878, Page 2

Mr John Lazar, D.G.M. of Westland
by Rudolph Haigh
Reference: REF:natlib.govt.nz:tapuhi:1/4-006809\G
Alexander Turnbull Library
National Library of New Zealand

The State Library of Victoria has four photographs by "R. Haigh" from the period 1868-1873, so Rudolph Haigh may have been in business in Australia prior to his arrival in Hokitika.

In October 1878 Haigh sold his photographic business, including negatives to Tait Bros., and moved to Timaru.

  Grey River Argus, 30 August 1911, Page 5

Hokitika Photographs

The following photographs which all show that Rudolph Haigh's was the photographer the Governor of New Zealand, Sir George Ferguson Bowen will date from after the Governor's visit to Hokitika in April 1871. The Governor arrived in Hokitika on 12 April and departed on 18 April 1871. The West Coast Times reported that Tait Bros., photographers completed some portraits of the Governor during this visit and that Haigh was also advertising himself as photographer to the Governor. It is not known if the Governor visited Haigh's studio; he may have sold or given photographs to the Governor or photographed some of the proceedings during the visit to claim this honour.

We understand that Messrs Tait Brothers, of Hokitika and Greymouth, have received authority to announce themselves as photographers to His Excellency the Governor. While in Hokitika, His Excellency had some portraits taken by Messrs Tait Brothers, and, by the portrait which has been presented to us by the firm, the likeness is an excellent one, and a very perfect specimen of the photographic art. We notice that Mr Haigh also advertises himself as photographer to His Excellency, by special authority."
West Coast Times, Issue 1732, 20 April 1871, Page 223

West Coast Times , Issue 1731, 19 April 1871, Page 2
(this notice continued in the West Coast Times until 22 July 1871)


Timaru Herald, Volume XXIX, Issue 1277, 23 October 1878, Page 4

Timaru Herald, Volume XXIX, Issue 1285, 1 November 1878, Page 1
(this notice was repeated in the Timaru Herald until 18 March 1879)

A Memento. — We have received from Mr Rudolph Haig, photographer, an excellent photograph of the scene at the Breakwater on Tuesday last, when the crane was put in motion. Not the least noteworthy point in it is that the faces of a large proportion of the many scores of people who lined the blocks are clearly recognisable.

Timaru Herald, Volume XXX, Issue 1412, 31 March 1879, Page 2

Maud Haigh born at Bank Street, Timaru on 17 August 1881. (registered 1881/13307)
West Coast Times, Issue 3862, 24 August 1881, Page 2

At the re-opening of the Theatre Royal on 24 April 1883 he conductored the Timaru Orchestral Society -which "played a number of lively selections from the "Bohemiam Girl" and "Am Shoenen Rheim" and added not a little to the enjoyment of the audience."

Timaru Herald, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 2679, 25 April 1883, Page 3

Bascand-Haigh— On the 21st June, at St. Mary's Church, Timaru, by the Ven. Archdeacon Harper, Captain Charles Stephen Bascand, Harbor Master, to Louise Augusta Haigh, second daughter of Mr Rudolph Haigh, both of Timaru.

Timaru Herald, Volume XXXVIII, Issue 2731, 25 June 1883, Page 2

Timaru Herald, Volume XXXIX, Issue 2888, 26 December 1883, Page 1

Timaru Herald, Volume XLIII, Issue 3771, 2 November 1886, Page 1

Timaru Herald, Volume XLIII, Issue 3852, 7 February 1887, Page 1

Mr G. A. Fischer, who has been for nearly 7 years operator and retoucher to the late Mr P. Schourup, of Christchurch, has taken the studio (next Mr Slater's draper's shop) lately occupied by Mr R. Haigh, and invites inspection.
Timaru Herald, Volume XLIII, Issue 3852, 7 February 1887, Page 2

Timaru, November 17.
A complimentary concert was given at the Theatre Royal last evening for the benefit of Miss Kate Haigh, a member of a musical family here who is going to Melbourne for training as a vocalist. A number of leading amateurs took part, and scenes from Norma, Il Trovatore, La Fille de Regiment, and Patience were given, Miss Haigh sustaining the chief parts. The Theatre was crowded, and the performance was very successful. Should a course of instruction in Melbourne produce encouraging results Miss Haigh will go on to Germany.
Nelson Evening Mail, Volume XXII, Issue 273, 17 November 1888, Page 2

Mr Rudolph Haigh, senr., accompanied by Mrs Haigh and family, left Timaru last evening by the s.s. Mahinapu for Port Chalmers, where they catch the s.s. Manapouri and by her proceed to Melbourne. In the musical circles in Timaru the talented family known collectively as "Haigh's Band," will be greatly missed. Mr Rudolph Haigh, junr., has been in Melbourne for many weeks, is doing well in his profession (the legal), and Miss Kate Haigh is prosecuting her musical studies.
Timaru Herald - Wednesday 27 February 1889

have received instructions from Mr R. Haigh, who is leaving Timaru, to sell by Auction at his Residence, corner of North Street and Town Belt,
At 1.30 o'clock,


Comprising Tricord Pianoforte by Swechten, in Walnut Case, Tapestry Carpets, Rugs, 6 Austrian Chairs, 6 Cane-seated Chairs and Cushions, Couch and Easy Chair in Cretonne, Cheffonier, Dining Tables, Chess and Work Tables, Fenders and Irons, Bookcase, Oilcloth, 2 Large Engravings "The Slave Market," and Magna Charta," copies of Turner's Paintings, in 6 Volumes, Popular Educator, Novels, &c.,Hall Lamp, Bedsteads, Palliasses, Mattresses, Washstands, Chests of Drawers, Carpets, Dressing Glasses, Kitchen and Cooking Utensils, Copper Boiler, Wringer, Tubs, Buckets, Garden Tools, &c.
Goods on View on the morning of the Sale. Sale at 1.30.
Timaru Herald, Volume XLVIII, Issue 4476, 28 February 1889, Page 3

Timaru Herald, Volume LII, Issue 5159, 4 June 1891, Page 2

Perkins - At the Westland Hospital, on July 31st, 1904, James Perkins, native of Manchester, England, late of Hokitika, Westland. Aged 60 years.
West Coast Times, Issue 13276, 2 August 1904, Page 2

HAIGH.-On the 10th January, at Pascoevale, Clara Amanda, eldest daughter of the late Rudolph Haigh, beloved sister of Mrs. B. T. Porter, 9 St. John street, Windsor. (Interred privately, St. Kilda. 11th January.)
The Argus (Melbourne), Wednesday 13 January 1915 page 1

Rudolph Haigh is represented in the following collections:
Museum of New Zealand - Te Papa Tongarewa
O.021376 Portrait of two men
O.021377 Young woman in formal dress
O.021378 Baby
O.021379 Baby
O.021380 Mother and baby
O.021381 Seated woman
O.021382 Seated woman
O.021383 Woman standing by a column
O.021384 Three children

National Library of New Zealand - Alexander Turnbull LibraryPA2-0797 - A studio portrait of Gerhard Mueller taken by Rudolph Haigh 1878.
PA2-0799 - Portrait of Gerhard Mueller 1878.
PA2-0798 - Portrait of two unidentified young girls 1878.
PA2-0800 - Portrait of unidentified woman 1878
1/4-006809-G Unidentified freemason ( Mr John Lazar, D.G.M. of Westland) - Copy negative by the studio of William James Harding, Whanganui


Photography in New Zealand - A Social and Technical History. Hardwicke Knight - 1971
page 183 - New Zealand Photographers to 1900
Haig, R. Greymouth 1878, Timaru
A Canterbury Album - Joan Woodward -1987
Appendix - Collodion Photographers - page 140
Haigh, Rudolph Timaru 1872-76
Haigh, Rudolph Hokitika 1878-80
Haigh & Perkins Hokitika 1869
Price & Haigh Timaru 1878-79William Ferrier 1855-1922 Photographer. John Lister
pages 11, 14-15, 18, 19, 24 and 55.

Timaru Photographs

 above cdv courtesy of The Laurence Eagle Collection


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