Gamble & Co.

Gamble & Co.
218 High Street, Christchurch.
Partnership between James Herbert Gamble and Edward Smith
about  March 1886 to October 1886

James Herbert Gamble according to a notice in the Star in 1886 was a re-touching artist for over two years with George and Walton and he had been "engaged in other leading photographic establishments in New Zealand, &c." 

George and Walton's studio operated in Christchurch for about two years and two months from about November 1883 until the dissolution of the partnership on 3 February 1886.

When the Gamble and Co studio was opened in Christchurch early in 1886 James Herbert Gamble would have been aged 23 years. His partner in the studio, Edward Smith has not been identified. They first advertised their studio in the Press on 6 March 1886.

The studio at 218 High Street was previously occupied by the photographer Henry Chatteris.
The partnership between Gamble and Smith ended by mutual consent after only nine months in October 1886. James Herbert Gamble went to Australia soon afterwards. The studio was then occupied by the photographers Standish and Preece.


Press, Volume XLIII, Issue 6385, 8 March 1886

Star, Issue 5568, 17 March 1886

Press, Volume XLIII, Issue 6397, 22 March 1886

Star, Issue 5578, 27 March 1886
this notice also appeared in the Star on 29 March 1886.

The annual meeting of the Christchurch Volunteer Fire Brigade was held on Thursday evening. There was a full attendance, and Mr Superintendent Turton presided. The Treasurer's balance-sheet was read, and showed a small balance to the credit of the Brigade.

The following officers were elected for the ensuing year :— Treasurer, Mr R. E. Green ; Secretary, Mr G. G. Woodham; Librarian, Mr G. Fuller; Committee, Messrs E. Smith, A. Skeene, J. Caw, G. Winston, J. Taylor and J. Frazer.

The Superintendent thanked the members for their prompt attendance to the work of the Brigade, which, he added, had not had to attend any very serious fire during the year. The members of the Brigade have decided to have their photographs taken and placed in the station, and the tender of Messrs Gamble and Co. has been accepted for the work.
Star, Issue 5590, 10 April 1886
[a similar notice also appeared in the Lyttelton Times on 10 April 1886]

Members of the Christchurch Volunteer Fire Brigade

above - Members of the Christchurch Volunteer Fire Brigade by Gamble and Co.

top row from left
bottom row from left
7. J. Fraser

Last evening, the Christchurch Volunteer Fire Brigade had a housewarming of the new wing that has lately been erected in the Chester street station. The members assembled at 8 o'clock in the new library and reading room, where a nice little spread had been provided out of the funds of the Brigade ... Superintendent Turton presided, and there was a good muster of the brigade. The photographs of the members, that have been recently taken by Messrs Gamble and Co., were distributed amongst those present.
Star, Issue 5695, 12 August 1886

Christchurch Fire Brigade. Presentation of Medals
Yesterday evening the members of the Christchurch Volunteer Fire Brigade assembled at the Chester street Station for the purpose of witnessing the presentation of long-service medals to certain of their number...

The following members then received medals for five years' service :-
Assistant Engineer A. J. Watts, joined February, 1881. 

Assistant Engineer G. G. Woodham, joined April, 1881 [George Goodwin Woodham]
Foreman W. Congdon, joined February, 1881.

Two years' service bars were presented to:—
Lieutenant E. Smith, joined August, 1878.
Fireman E. Rose Smith, August, 1872.
Engineer J. Fraser, joined October, 1876 [James Fraser, born Aberdeen, Scotland, died Oamaru 1922 in 82nd year].
Branchman V. Esselborn, joined April, 1875 [Valentine Esselborn].
Branchman J. Duguid, joined March, 1879 [James Duquid - went to Melbourne in 1888].
Foreman G. Winston, joined July, 1875 [George Winston or George Winstone].
Fireman J. Johnston, joined May, 1869.
Fireman A. Empson, joined May, 1879 [Arthur Overton Empson]

Lyttelton Times, Volume LXVI, Issue 8049, 23 December 1886

Lyttelton Times, Volume LXV, Issue 7844, 27 April 1886

City Council meeting held Monday 8 May 1886 ...
A letter was read from Messrs Gamble And Co., forwarding a proof of the photographs of the Mayor and City Council. A vote of thanks to Messrs Gamble and Co. was passed unanimously...
Press, Volume XLIII, Issue 6433, 4 May 1886 

Star, Issue 5615, 11 May 1886

Portrait Club

Star, Issue 5637, 29 June 1886

Industrial Art Conversazione held at the Tuam Street Hall August 1886
...Messrs Gamble and Co. occupy the adjoining space with a large and excellent collection of photographs, plain and coloured, among them a  set illustrative of dignity and wisdom, as exemplified in the countenances of the City fathers of Christchurch...
Star, Issue 5690, 6 August 1886

Meeting of the Committee of the Canterbury Industrial Association September 1886
... Messrs Gamble and Co., photographers, had presented the Association with a framed set of photographs of the Executive Committee of the East and West Coast Railway League ...

Lyttelton Times, Volume LXVI, Issue 7978, 30 September 1886

Press, Volume XLIII, Issue 6565, 7 October 1886

Star, Issue 5745, 9 October 1886

Star, Issue 5750, 15 October 1886

an unnamed child by Gamble and Co., Christchurch

These two photographs show Clara Elizabeth Harris (Mrs Baker) born 18 May 1873 in Christchurch.


James Herbert Gamble

James Herbert Gamble 
by an unknown photographer

James Herbert Gamble was born on 29 August 1862 Nottinghamshire, England, the son of William Milton Gamble and Annie Winifred Goodess Page, arrived Lyttelton, New Zealand 13 October 1863 on the "Lancashire Witch" from London [1], died 24 October 1948 Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia, buried North Ryde, New South Wales, Australia, married 11 September 1884 at St Peter's Church, Wellington, New Zealand by Archdeacon Stock, Elizabeth Lucy Emeny [2].

Evening Post, Volume XXVIII, Issue 69, 18 September 1884

Star, Issue 5672, 16 July 1886
 [Annie Lucy Gamble birth registered 1886/12197]

 Star, Issue 5748, 13 October 1886

Elizabeth Lucy Emeny
by an unknown photographer


[1] Lyttelton Times, Volume XX, Issue 1143, 15 October 1863

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